Top 5 Ways to be Productive AND Healthy While Working from Home

Leanna Olbinsky

Sworkit is a 100% remote company. With social distancing and so many people working from home, we have some tips to share that we’ve gathered over the years. It’s in the Sworkit Core Values that we make fitness a priority in our everyday lives. We’ve heard it from a lot of remote workers that the hardest part isn’t actually focusing, it’s sitting down to work and not getting up to take a break and working long hours.

Top 5 Tips for Working From Home and Staying Healthy

1. Keep your morning routine.

While it sounds great to lounge around in PJ’s, it’ll make you feel a lot better if you shower, get dressed, and get ready. Starting your day off with the mindset that you’re ready to work will help you not feel so lazy throughout the day. This will also help you when it is time to head back into the office so that it’s not as big of an adjustment getting back into a routine.

2. Use the Pomodoro timing method to stay productive.

Here’s how the Pomodoro technique works: You use a timer to break your work into focused time blocks (usually 25 minutes) separated by a short, usually five-minute break. After four consecutive working time blocks, you take a longer break, around 20 or 30 minutes. Our favorite app for this is Focus To-Do and it’s available on most devices including a chrome extension. Breaking up your time and focusing on one task shows to improve productivity and saves you a lot of time and energy.

3. Stand up and stretch often.

We recommend stretching for 5 minutes at least every hour. There have been multiple studies done that indicate sitting is the new smoking. No matter how badly, you want to finish that one last thing, forcing yourself to take a break is good for you.

If you use the Pomodoro technique above, you can get into a really great rhythm of using your 5-minute Pomodoro breaks for our simple Sworkit Energizing Desk Stretch. Another idea is to use your 5-minute breaks for standing and drinking water and using your 30-minute break to get in a sweat-free 20-minute workout or a quick yoga session.

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4. Drink Water.

So you can’t go and meet Sally by the watercooler, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be drinking water! It’s still super important to hydrate. This is a perfect reason to stand up and step away from the screen for a few minutes. This will also help with the urge to snack throughout the day. Snacking while working from home can be tough, especially if you’ve stocked up. It could be helpful to add lemons or mint to your water and make a pitcher.

5. Log off at the end of the day and rest.

Sleep is extremely important and giving your eyes a rest from the screen is as well. It’s very easy to say to yourself, “just one more thing!” but we know too well that there can always be one more thing to do. Before you know it, it could be 2 am. Make sure you find the time to step away, decompress, clear your mind, and get ready for the next day. If you don’t you’ll begin to feel burnt out.

We hope these tips are helpful for staying healthy during your social distancing practices and new working from home routine. If you’re looking for more free workouts, check out our 8 free quiet home workouts.

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