10 Spring Social Distancing Fitness Ideas

Leanna Olbinsky

As the weather starts to warm up, we’re all looking forward to getting outside and getting in shape for the summer. Given current events, going to the gym or the local pool may be a no-go for now, but it also opens up some creative exercise opportunities that will have you loving what you’re able to accomplish this spring.

1. Take up running (or walking, if that’s more your style). The flowers are blooming and the air is still crisp. Commit to a new running or walking routine that gets you outside and that you can responsibly social distance comfortably. And don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

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2. Move outdoors for a yoga workout. Grab a mat or a towel and find an empty spot in your backyard or in a grassy area near you. Yoga doubles as a great stretch and meditation to clear the mind.

3. HIIT it hard! Looking to turn up the intensity? Try a HIIT workout for 5 minutes. It will re-spark your day and make you feel great! May we suggest, HIIT it hard? It’s an intermediate cardio workout including plank jacks, pivoting upper-cuts, and more!

4. Try some hiking. Do you have a nearby mountain range that’s just begging to be hiked? Maybe there’s a nearby place that is open for you to take a long walk in the woods. Turn to your local parks and rec department for areas that are safe to go.

5. Go cycling. Purchase or rent a bike and ride through the trails at your local park. It’s easier on your joints than running, but still a great, heart-pumping cardio exercise that will have you eager to get out each day. Save a little money on gas and get in your workout all at the same time!

6. Get in some dance time. Are allergies too strong? Turn up the music in your living room, find a heart-pumping fitness routine that includes dance, or head out for the evening with that special someone: dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun doing it! Not only that, but many dances require excellent body control that will have you toning those muscles in no time. 

7. Find a court. Is there a basketball or volleyball court near you where you can get together with some friends? This is the perfect time of year to get in a great sports-related workout. The competition will help drive you to new heights! Try our sports conditioning workout series for stretches and conditioning too.

8. Try some balance training. Balance training will increase your overall stability, making you less wobbly no matter what you’re doing. Find a balance training routine in your Sworkit app, select exercises that work for you, and watch how balance training can keep you safer as you move into winter and have to combat slippery sidewalks. 

9. Hit the stairs. Stair running is a great workout. It will help increase your endurance, torch calories, and leave you feeling accomplished. An outdoor staircase is perfect this time of year since you won’t find yourself sweating and feeling like you’re going to melt in the heat before you’re halfway up!

10. Chalk it up.

Grab your kids, a piece of chalk, and try some fun outdoor chalk activities. Getting down and drawing will be an activity all in itself. Some of our favorite chalk games include hopscotch, twister, obstacle courses, and the long jump! No kids? This can still be a great way to set up a workout circuit.

Finding a great spring fitness routine is one of the best ways to keep pushing yourself to success throughout this quarantine. Shake off the winter blues, get outside, and get moving! Whether you find a traditional outdoor exercise or try bringing your Sworkit workout outside for a change, remember you can log all your activity inside Sworkit with the Sworkit Logging Outside Activity button.

Leanna Olbinsky

Leanna Olbinsky is the Community Manager at Sworkit.
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