6 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Hill, PT, CSCS

When topics of physical performance, weight loss, and building strength come up, often times rest and recovery are not part of the conversation. However, it’s incredibly important that you optimize your sleep to recover and perform at your best. 

One of the main ways that our bodies recover is getting adequate rest!

During the hours that we sleep, our bodies work hard to repair and recover the broken-down tissues from our workouts. When we optimize our rest, we aid our recovery and healing to come back better and stronger.

Here are 6 tips to improve your sleep and enhance your recovery: 

Keep your routine consistent.

Try sleeping and waking at the same time each day. Our bodies like to have a consistent “circadian rhythm”. This is the pattern that we use to tell us when it’s time to wake up and go to sleep. When we are consistent with our sleep patterns we get better rest. 

Budget 30 minutes for winding down. 

It can be tough to fall asleep without a period of winding down prior to going to bed. By preparing 30 minutes before your bedtime, your will be able to fall asleep faster.

Dim your lights and cool the room.

Make sure your room is cool and dark. Eliminate distracting lights and sounds and turn on the air conditioning if the room is warm. If the sun rises early, use blackout curtains in order to stay asleep for longer in the morning. 

Unplug from electronics long before getting in bed.

By turning off the phones, computers, and TV before going to bed we give our bodies a chance to relax and prepare for sleep. 

Use methods of relaxation.

Meditation and relaxation techniques have been proven to help people sleep faster and more soundly. With time and practice, you’ll be able to effectively fall asleep faster. 

Don’t toss and turn.

When having difficulty sleeping, get up and try reading a book or magazine. Avoid laying in bed and tossing and turning. This will only cause more anxiety about not falling back to sleep. 

Rest and recovery will help you perform at your best, both physically and mentally. Attempt to sleep between 7-8 hours at night to recover fully and perform at your best. Train hard with Sworkit and recover harder with sleep!

Sweet dreams!

Hill, PT, CSCS

Steve is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Physical Therapist, and one of Sworkit's Fitness Trainers. His favorite activities are working out, hiking, four-wheeling, and body surfing. Steve loves helping members with injury prevention, exercise modification, and strength training.
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