Meditation Part 2: How Many Kinds of Meditation Are There, and Which One Is Right for You?

Rynnie Cotter

So you want to begin meditating. Or maybe you want to resume the practice after some time away from it. Either way, you have come to the right place. While there are many different kinds of meditation, Sworkit Health is the perfect place to start. Start to reap the benefits of daily meditation sessions with our user-friendly guides.

So how many kinds of meditation are there? Let’s start with two general categories: resting and moving. While resting meditation is usually done seated in a comfortable position, moving meditation takes on various poses or movements. Both types have multiple sub-categories, which are discussed below.

Resting Meditation


This practice involves repeating a word, phrase, or sentence and focusing your mind only on that sentence. The mantra should be empowering and calming. You can speak silently or out loud. 


Being mindful is all about noticing without judgment. As you tune out any outside stimuli, you become aware of what your mind and body are doing. What thoughts are passing through your mind? Are they healthy? Is your body relaxed? What part of your body is tense? Let yourself ease into a quiet physical and mental place by knowing yourself without judging yourself.


While focus is an important part of all meditation, being focused means you zone in on one particular stimulus. Focus your mind on a sound (like a gong, a bird chirping, or the sound of your own breathing) or a visual (like a burning candle or a swinging pendulum). You might even focus on a mental exercise (like counting slowly).


As the name suggests, visualizing involves creating something in your mind. Using all five senses, you visualize a place where you feel calm and comfortable. It can be as detailed or as simple as you like.

Moving Meditation


Nature meditation is slightly different from the other types because it involves some outside stimuli. It simply involves living in the moment and being out in nature. Go on a walk, do some gardening, or sit on a park bench and watch the ducks. Just make sure your mind is focused on what you see and hear at that exact moment.


Yoga is a very common form of meditation that involves the body through various static poses and controlled breathing. This is a great way to maintain muscle tone and flexibility while cultivating your mind.

Tai Chi

This is all about feeling the energy that is moving through you. It combines breathing exercises with fluid movements that mimic natural energies like wind or water. This is a gentle and graceful type of moving meditation. You can even listen to a meditation guide (like this meditation on gratitude) while you move.

Qi Gong

Similar to Tai Chi, Qi Gong focuses on the energy flowing within you (Chi and Qi are actually different spellings of the same word). It uses slow and controlled movements to help you release any tension in your body. Qi Gong increases physical balance while also fostering a sense of mental stability. 

What Kind of Meditation Is Right for You?

Does this feel like a lot of information all at once? We understand! Just remember, you do not have to try all or even most of the kinds of meditation to reap the benefits. You can start as small and as simple as you like. So what kind is best for you?  Begin by asking yourself whether you need more rest or more movement in your life. Then assess your goals. What do you really want to get out of your meditation practice? 

For instance, if you want to feel rest and self-worth, consider a mindfulness meditation guide. If you want to gain mental and physical flexibility, check out Sworkit’s Yoga collection. For example, Everyday Feel Good Yoga is a light-hearted sequence that can be done at any time throughout the day for an instant mood boost. If you want to feel more grounded and connected to the earth, try nature meditation (pop in your earbuds and take this guided session to your favorite outdoor spot). Do you want to practice meditation with your agitated child? Try this guided session.

If you have no idea what your goals are, don’t worry. Don’t feel lost! Sworkit’s Mindfulness + Meditations collection provides amazing meditation guides for beginners and gurus alike. This is a great way to begin (or to rekindle) your journey. These meditations are simple, guided, and purposeful. Whatever you need for the day, you can find it right here.

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