Middle-aged and Struggling With Low Back Pain?

Steele, PT, CSCS

Lynda is a 55-year-old that struggles with lower back pain. She has been cleared by the doctor to exercise. Here are some stretches and exercises Lynda should do to help relieve her pain.

Lower Trunk Rotation, 10x each side

woman performing lower trunk rotation to help with back pain

Single Knee to Chest, 10x each side

man performing single knee to chest stretch to help with lower back pain

Pelvic Tilts, 15x

woman performing pelvic tilts to help with lower back pain

Clamshells, 15x each side

woman performing clamshells exercise

Piriformis Stretch, 30s hold each side

man performing piriformis stretch

Lower Back Stretch, 30s hold each side

man performing lower back stretch

She can perform this workout first thing in the morning to help relieve some stiffness from sleeping overnight, and/or at the end of the day before bed to help relieve some discomfort before going to sleep. If any of the exercises worsen her symptoms then she should discontinue and see a licensed medical provider to ensure no injury to the region.

For more exercises to help with joint and back pain, explore Sworkit’s Move More, Hurt Less collection. The Move More, Hurt Less collection was designed to help those recovering from injury and to address the needs of people with acute and chronic pain conditions. If pain is keeping you from doing what you love, give this collection a try in addition to seeking professional medical help.

Steele, PT, CSCS

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