What You Should Wear for Outdoor Sworkouts Depending on the Temperature

Rynnie Cotter

Feel like working out outside today? Great! Take Sworkit with you. Not only do you have the chance to raise your endorphins through a great workout of your choice, but you can also absorb vitamin D from the sun and raise your mood at the same time. However, In order to maximize those benefits, you have to dress for the weather.

Just what should you be wearing for your outdoor Sworkouts? Dress for success with these key tips. 

1. Look for Stretchy, Comfortable Clothing

No matter what type of exercise you’re performing or what type of weather you’re having, choose stretchy, comfortable clothing. Whether you’re bending and stretching through a yoga workout or going for a jog around the block, you want to make sure you have complete freedom of movement. If you are running, jumping rope, or engaging in an aerobic workout, make sure that the legs of your pants have cuffs or fit close to your legs so that they don’t get tangled around your feet and pose a fall hazard. Safety should be a top priority when working out outside.

2. Choose Moisture-Wicking Material for Working Out Outside

Moisture-wicking material, including some synthetics designed just for exercise and natural wool, will help pull sweat away from your skin. During the hot summer months, pulling the sweat away will help cool you down. In winter, sweat-wicking materials will help remove the moisture from your skin and keep you dry, which will help prevent you from getting too cold, too fast after your workout. 

3. Dress in Layers During the Cold Winter Months 

During the winter, you may want to dress in layers. It’s cold outside, and you want to stay comfortable throughout your workout. As you get moving, however, your core body temperature increases, and you may quickly find yourself sweating and uncomfortable in heavy layers of clothes. In winter, you need:

  • A base layer, made of moisture-wicking material to help keep moisture away from the skin and keep you dry
  • A mid layer designed of fleece or another warmer material to help keep you warm throughout your workout
  • An outer layer, which blocks cold and rain and helps keep you warm and dry regardless of the weather

As you warm-up, you may want to remove the outer layer and, in some cases, even the mid-layer to help keep you more comfortable as you move forward with your workout. 

4. Keep Sun Exposure and Chafing in Mind During the Summer

As the temperature warms up, you may find that you don’t want to wear as much clothing during your workouts outside. However, it’s important to consider both sun exposure and chafing. Wearing long-sleeve moisture-wicking fabrics can help keep you cool and comfortable while protecting you from the sun. While wearing shorts and tanks, remember anti-chafe balm can help prevent chafing at your thighs, arms, and anywhere else skin rubs together. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. Don’t Forget Your Head and Feet.

During the winter, a warm hat can help prevent heat from escaping your body. Choosing the right socks–thick, comfortable socks that will absorb moisture–will help keep your feet warm in all conditions. Wool is a great choice for insulation and comfort, since it will help you maintain a comfortable body temperature as you go about your day.

Protecting your head and feet is also critical during the summer. Wearing comfortable, cushioned socks can prevent blisters in your athletic shoes. Look for socks made of a cool fabric–or even a cooling fabric–so your feet don’t overheat. You may also want to wear a headband or athletic hat to help catch sweat and reduce sun exposure. 

Are you heading outside for your workout? Keep these tips in mind to help prepare you for whatever temperature conditions you might find along the way, and enjoy your Sworkout outdoors regardless of the weather. Download and visit the Sworkit app to help you get closer to achieving your fitness goals.

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