Sworkit Spotlight: Jason

Leanna Olbinsky

Meet Jason! Jason is an inspiration to the Sworkit community. He joined us and has entered his 50’s healthier and happier than ever before. When Jason isn’t Sworking out, you can find him in the Sworkit Community, spending time with his family, and practicing football with his son. Jason successfully has lost 38 lbs and counting. He’s down to 208 lbs from 246 lbs.

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“Yay me! This is the same guy… that didn’t want to go into my 50s being “that dad”…the one who couldn’t run for more than 5 seconds. A diabetes diagnosis and overcoming that diagnosis, and dropping 40 pounds wasn’t easy but feel a lot better. Thanks all!” – Jason in the Sworkit Community

What’s your daily or weekly workout regimen look like?

30 minutes 5 times a week, more if I can manage. Practicing football with my son. Cycling

What motivates you to maintain your fitness habit?

Keeping a diabetes diagnosis at Bay and going into my 50’s in great shape! Fit body, fit mind!

What are 3-5 tips you can give others on how to lead a healthy life?

Keep your carbs down, keep active, don’t beat yourself up if you drop a few days. Join the Sworkit Community for inspiration!

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