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Sworkit Spotlight: Justin

Leanna Olbinsky

We’re elated to introduce you to this weeks Sworkit Spotlight, Justin. He is a Sworkit OG and has had amazing results. See for yourself and don’t be shy to reach out to Justin. He’s caring and friendly and wants to help inspire others. Everyone, meet Justin.

How are you using Sworkit?

 I use Sworkit daily, every morning I wake up before work at 5:45 and do a 20-minute custom work out I have created that has some workouts I enjoy and others I hate but the ones I hate are the ones that make me feel that I have accomplished the most!

Justin Edwards Sworkit on Twitter

What motivated you to start?

I was motivated to start for three reasons, one: my Uncle had a heart attack in I believe 2014 which of course gave everyone in my entire family a scare. He is fine now and living a much healthier life. The second reason is my family has a history of bad health associated with being obese, so heart disease and diabetes runs rampant on both sides of my family. The third and most important is one day I looked in the mirror and just didn’t like what I saw, at my highest weight I was close to 270lbs and just didn’t like what I saw.


What advice do you have for people who are afraid to start their journey?

I have a few words of advice my first piece of advice would be START NOW! Once you get into a routine of working out and eating healthy it just comes natural for you to continue and starting now rather than later helps tremendously. Second not every diet and workout works the same for everyone so do some research beforehand because your body isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Third don’t feel embarrassed about going to the gym or even working out at home because as long as you are feeling great and are getting your workout in you’re doing way more than someone who is sitting on the couch with a big bag of potato chips doing nothing. Finally one of the biggest quotes I lived by when I started, “one bad meal doesn’t make you fat, but one healthy meal doesn’t make you skinny either.”

What’s your schedule like?

My current schedule is I work M-F as a HR Coordinator utilizing one of my bachelor degrees I just received. My future goals are to someday work out west somewhere utilizing my degrees as well. And of course the biggest goal is to get married and have children but those are a ways away.

How do you feel?!

I feel fantastic! Every day I can wake up and workout and feel great after I finish it. I love how I look now and can’t wait to continue to stay healthy and skinny.
I really hope my story can help at least one person get started and have a journey like mine.
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