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Benefits of Meal Prepping: Save Time, Money, and Eat Healthier

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Meal prepping can truly transform your daily life. It’s not just about saving time, money, and eating healthier; it’s about taking control of your nutrition and making your life easier. So, let’s dive right into the upsides of meal prepping.

Eat around a busy schedule.

Between work, family, and other commitments, life can be hectic. It’s easy to resort to takeout or fast food too often, which may not be the healthiest option over time. Meal prepping allows you to say goodbye to those last-minute dinner dilemmas. You will spend little time on prepping, cooking, or cleaning up on non-meal prep days. You will also save yourself some mental stress by not having to think about what you’ll make after a long day. Spend a couple of hours in a single day, and you could have ready-made meals for the entire week. 

Save money.

Meal prepping also allows you to keep more money in your pocket. Think about how much you spend on takeout, dining out, or food delivery. It adds up quickly! Meal prepping allows you to buy ingredients you need for the week and then plan meals strategically. You’ll see the savings add up in no time, and who doesn’t love having extra cash to spend on other things?

Nutrition that supports your goals.

What you eat day to day impacts your health and any goals you may have related to it. Meal prep can make it easier to control what goes into your meals and make choices that align with your individual goals and preferences. Managing portions, using fresh ingredients, and being more intentional with creating balanced meals will become a breeze. Meal prep can help you be more aware of the calories you need in a day to sustain your energy and live well. For some people, it can be a helpful tool to stay on track with health and fitness goals. 

Five steps to meal prep:

  1. Make sure you have enough storage containers and space. Choose your storage method. You can choose a bulk storage option, where large containers are filled with one food item each (you still need to portion, combine with other food items, heat, and eat). Alternatively, you could choose an individual storage option, where small containers are filled with an entire meal (just heat and eat).
  2. Decide what day or day(s) you want to prep. Choose one day to commit  2-3 hours (usually a weekend day), or spread it out over 2 days where you can commit 1-2 hours each day (usually a weekend day and weekday). 
  3. Choose what meals or snacks you would like to prep. This could be as much as all meals and snacks or as small as all dinners. You know what meal(s) or snack(s) would impact your week most and be the most attainable. 
  4. Get meal inspiration and decide what your menu will look like. Then, take inventory of what you have before heading to the store for the rest of what you need.
  5. Cook, assemble, store, and enjoy later. 

In Conclusion

Give it a try! 

Meal prepping can be a game-changer in terms of money saved, time gained, and health attained. It’s a win-win-win! If you haven’t already, try it and see how it works for you. Start small and find a routine that works to make your life easier. Your future self might thank you for it!

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