The Top 4 Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

Leanna Olbinsky

Are you new to foam rolling? Or maybe you’ve used a foam roller before, but you’re not clear on the benefits? Foam rolling is a type of self-myofascial release. Self-myofascial means releasing the tension within your fascia (the tissue that connects all of the muscles in your body) by yourself.

Top 4 Benefits to using a Foam Roller

  1. Ease muscle pain
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. Help relieve back pain caused by muscle tension
  4. Help you relax if performed properly

Often times, foam rolling is similar to stretching. It may feel a bit uncomfortable while you’re doing it, but it can help you feel better once you’re finished.

As with any type of exercise, the results vary from person to person and it is important that you modify any program to fit you and your goals.

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