School Closed? Bring PE Home With Free Kid-Friendly Workouts

Leanna Olbinsky

In light of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak schools are increasingly canceling school until further notice. Kids still need to get in their daily physical activity and we know how hard that can be when leaving the house isn’t an option.

What is Sworkit Kids?

You can learn more about our mission and how many schools we’re apart of on our Sworkit Youth Initiative page. We provide kid-friendly workouts for free. We have workouts your students will love to do at home including:

  • Strength for Kids
  • Agility for Kids
  • Flexibility and Balance for Kids
  • Warm-Up for Kids
  • Cooldown for Kids
  • Stand Up and Move for Kids
  • OR create your own custom kid workout. 

In addition have sports conditioning workouts that are missing the beginning of their Spring seasons and want to stay well-trained. If you’re a parent or student, have your coach fill out the form below to get access to these workouts as well.

Sworkit Kids workouts are always free. A parent will need to help get the child registered after completing their first workout, but even without a Sworkit membership, the Kid Workouts can be accessed at no cost. For older students, we also offer free access to Sworkit through our Sworkit Youth Initiative. A teacher simply needs to complete the form at the end of this blog and we will provide full, free access for the entire school.

How to Use Sworkit

Sworkit For Teachers

If you’re a teacher you can fill out this form below:

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