Sworkit Health Launches Step Counter, Corporate Step Challenges, and Syncing with Fitbit

Micki Roche

New at Sworkit Health for Summer 2022 is the release of the Sworkit Step Counter, the ability for clients to host Corporate Step Challenges, and the ability for users to sync with Fitbit wearables.

Step Counting

The launch of step counting gives members a more holistic view of their movement and activity. Users can now see a breakdown of their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly steps. In addition, users can view their distance walked, and minutes spent being physically active.

Once activated, the Sworkit Step Counter will help individuals better understand how much (or how little) they are moving throughout the day. Individuals may set goals to work toward and view their progress over time.

Enabling step counting within the Sworkit app is simple and seamless. Connect your Sworkit app with Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit to allow your mobile device and wearables to record your activity throughout the day. Click here for a more detailed view of how to enable step counting in Sworkit.

Corporate Step Challenges

Early data shows a 30% increase in engagement in members that have enabled steps. Now you can create and invite your employees to join company-wide step challenges. As a result, companies will see increased engagement and happier and healthier employees. Click here to learn how to create step challenges for your organization.

Fitbit Syncing

In addition to Sworkit syncing with Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, and MyFitnessPal — users can now sync with Fitbit. The addition of Fitbit syncing gives Sworkit members another option for having their fitness data sync seamlessly with the app. Learn more about syncing here.

Get Started with Sworkit

To get your company started with step challenges and discover all that Sworkit has to offer, get in contact with our sales team to book a demo and get a quote!

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