How Happy and Healthy Employees Better Serve Your Business

Rynnie Cotter

We all understand the many physical and mental benefits of exercising regularly. Unfortunately, making the time to workout after hitting the 9 to 5 each day often falls to the bottom of many people’s list. Even as much of the workforce shifted to more employees working from home, the number of adults partaking in the recommended physical activity guidelines hasn’t changed. And now, having healthy employees is more important than ever! According to data from the CDC, only 1 in 5 adults meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. 

Physical inactivity is not only harmful to employees’ health and happiness, but it can also affect work outputs. Many businesses are now encouraging exercise during working hours to combat physical inactivity among employees by offering health and wellness classes on-site or through personal training apps. When employers provide these convenient options, it allows employees the opportunity to get the exercise needed that improves their wellbeing and helps them achieve their health and fitness goals. Investing in the health and wellness of your employees will lead to a thriving business. 

Why Allowing Employees to Exercise at Work Helps Your Business Thrive

With employees’ busy work and home schedules, many find it difficult to find the time to exercise. However, physical activity is essential to get (and stay) in the shape and improve one’s mood. Some reasons why allowing employees to exercise at work helps your business thrive include: 

Fosters Social Connections

Building connections with colleagues outside a formal work environment improves healthy employee relationships and better team building. Businesses that provide a space to foster those social connections show their commitment to their employees beyond the office. 

Less Stressed Employees Lead to Better Decision Making 

Stress affects all aspects of an employee’s wellbeing, from trouble focusing to health issues. Exercising has been shown to improve mental health and reduce stress levels. Allowing employees a space to blow off steam in a healthy way improves their ability to focus and make rational decisions.

Enhanced Productivity & Creativity

The benefits of exercise go beyond physical impacts. It also boosts mental abilities that increase worker productivity and drive innovation with enhanced creative solutions. 

Strengthens Immune System for Healthier Employees

Regular exercise has been proven by researchers to help reduce the risk of catching the common cold and other illnesses. With a strengthened immune system, it decreases employees’ medical leave and recovery times, reducing the overall absenteeism at your company. 

Benefits of a Custom-Tailored Workout Experience for Your Employees

While offering fitness plans or a workout space at the office encourages healthy choices among employees, it is not always the most effective solution. Since these are usually a one-size-fits-all health and wellness solution, employees may still not participate. Opting for a fitness experience customized for each employee allows personalization that cannot be accomplished otherwise. Custom-tailored workouts for your employees provides many benefits for both your business and employees, including:

  • Versatile exercise solutions that fit your employees’ unique needs and goals
  • Promotes staying active throughout the day
  • Personalized workout solutions that fit their schedule and experience level
  • Ideal for both at-home or at-work use
  • Increases employee wellness

Having happy and healthy employees is one of the keys to a thriving business. With 59% of individuals not planning to return to gyms or workout studios, businesses must consider other options to support employees’ physical wellness. Sworkit offers a dynamic personal training experience that gives employees the power of choice, and features workouts that fit almost any time-constraints. Sworkit is a custom-tailored solution for any experience level that increases employee wellness at-work or at-home. Schedule a demo to see how Sworkit can provide the health and fitness solution to help your business thrive. 

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