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Sports and Endurance Cross-Training With Sworkit

Victoria Davis

At Sworkit, we’ve created specific workouts meant to support your sport and training goals. From sports conditioning to endurance cross-training workouts that include warm-ups and cool-downs, we’ve got you covered.

Why Cross-Train?

Cross-training is imperative to any sport or endurance training plan.

So, what is it? It’s meant to compliment your main sport, and it should improve your cardio, strengthen your muscles, help speed up your recovery, and increase your mobility.

It also doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every single day. Your cross-training plan should include movement that brings you joy – like walking your dog, hiking with your best friend, or another sport you’ve been dying to try.

What type of cross-training options does Sworkit have?

At Sworkit, we have sports conditioning workouts like golf, skiing, soccer, basketball, football, as well as endurance supportive workouts such as running and cycling.

How do I build a cross-training plan?

Start by picking your workout type and frequency. These will include required training days for your sport, cross-training days, and active recovery days.

If you play a specific sport, you may play it almost daily. That’s why when you actually get an “off” day, you actually allow yourself to rest and recover. 

Your cross-training should be just as important as the endurance sport or training itself.

When thinking about the frequency of your sport-specific workouts, try starting with 3 workouts a week. 

Let’s say you’re a runner – pick one day of the week to complete your long-run with the goal to simply complete it. Pick another day to run for a set amount of time (20-60 mins) with the goal of keeping the same pace. And finally, one other day that includes sprint interval training to improve your speed.

Cross-Training Days 

Try to cross train 2-3 days a week. Train the parts of your body you don’t use in your sport, or build in the other types of exercise you don’t get in your sport-specific training — strength, flexibility, balance or whatever you may be lacking. 

For example, if you’re a runner, your cross-training plan should include low-resistance training with exercises that target your full body. Especially your core and lower back to help with your running form and prevent injury. While cardio burns calories, and improves cardiovascular endurance, strength training helps you keep visceral fat at bay, maintain lean muscle, and strengthen your joints.   

Active Recovery Days 

We like to call rest days, “active recovery days” to encourage you to see movement as a more normal part of your routine. It doesn’t mean you have to exercise, but planning these days between training days, makes it much easier to get back on track and to give yourself permission to actually recover. 

Active recovery should include full-body stretching, foam rolling, trigger point release, or any low-impact movements such as walking, light pilates, or yoga. These forms of movement are designed to help your body recover quicker than if you were to exercise intensely, practice, or train on that day.

Training Beyond the Physical

While physical training is important, don’t forget to train the other elements that will support your plan such as your nutrition, sleep, schedule, and mental health!

Getting Help from Sworkit Trainers and Coaches

Our “Ask a Trainer” feature allows you to chat with certified trainers, exercise specialists, and Doctors of Physical Therapy who can help you select the proper plan, workout, or exercises to support your training program.

Sample Workout Plan for Runners:
Schedule 3 days a week of your sport
Plan 2 days a week of cross-training
Schedule 2 days a week of active recovery

Mon/Wed/Sat – tempo run, sprints, long run
Tue/Thu – resistance training (full body strength, especially core) 
Fri/Sun – active recovery (stretch, foam roll, walk, sauna, meditate, etc.) 

Check out these cross-training workouts, suitable for athletes of all levels on the Sworkit app:

For additional help finding the Sports Conditioning collection within the Sworkit app, visit this FAQ article.

What else can Sworkit do for your fitness?

We love to partner with companies to create holistic, whole health, fitness-focused webinars. Go to to get more information!

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