The Best Place to Work Out?

Victoria Davis

The gym, at home, outdoors, or someplace else? 

Whenever you think of exercise, what comes to mind?

Do you associate exercise with the gym, the great outdoors, a studio, or your basement?

It’s not uncommon to think of a workout as something that belongs inside the four walls of a gym. Yes, many gyms provide a wide variety of fitness equipment and solutions for different people’s goals, but whoever said a workout has to happen inside of one?

Let’s dive into the different options for daily exercise to see what you’re personally drawn to, as well as what your company and co-workers may be looking for in a fitness solution.

Breaking it down a bit further…

For Individuals: You should choose a place to move your body that best fits your lifestyle and personal goals, instead of trying to fit your lifestyle into a place or workout that just isn’t you.

For Companies: Knowing the pros and cons of different fitness solutions, then using these to survey employees, can help as you’re deciding on types of exercise benefits to offer.

Home Workouts


Cost-effective: Pay what you want as you go

Equipment of choice: Choose your own equipment

Set up of choice: Set up your gym how you want 

Format variety: Work with a trainer, take live virtual classes, use an app

Flexible and convenient: More time to work out (even more than once!) with a busy schedule 


Distractions: Family interruptions and at home distractions

Excuses: Easier to quit on yourself

Space: Not enough space or equipment

Form: May need help ensuring proper form

Gym or Studio Workouts 


Classes and amenities: the ability to find classes that will challenge you as well as the experience factor

Equipment variety: whatever your preference is for movement, there’s likely a gym out there that can meet most of your needs. If you’re not sure, it’s always a great idea to connect with a trainer to get some guidance on the best formats for your personal goals and needs.

Built-in Community: You’re less likely to quit when you’re in a class with others, or when everyone around you is working out as well.  A gym or studio means you will probably be working out with like-minded people.


Cost: monthly recurring dues may keep you away from the gym, or the gyms that you’d like to go to. If you get injured, sick, or have to travel, there’s not always an option to pause your membership.

Inconvenient: when you factor in the drive time to and from the gym, or the time it takes to pack a bag to get ready at the gym after a workout, you may end up sacrificing precious exercise, and even family time. 

Crowded: Depending upon the time of day you can get to the gym, you may have to wait for a spot or share equipment, which can be frustrating and compromise your workout.

Outdoor Workouts 


Cost-effective: walking, running, and hiking are about as cheap as you can get! 

Sunshine and fresh air: Vitamin D and nature’s medicine – these are benefits you simply cannot get by exercising indoors.

Variety of Activities: Choose from endurance sports, intramural sports, water, and more!

Built-in Community: If you choose to train for a race or play a sport, you will have the benefit of creating connections through shared experience.


Inconvenient: If you have to drive to your outdoor destination, it may be better to wait to do it on a weekend when you have more free time

Time: You may have to spend hours training or practicing that you need to be spending elsewhere.

Cost: Buying gear or paying fees to participate in a club or race can add up, but not all outdoor options require gear and if they do, it’s often a one-time, or seasonal investment.

Safety: Exercising outdoors may put you in a situation where you’re alone on a long run, hike, or bike ride. If that’s you, just make sure you pack enough water and snacks. But most importantly, don’t forget to let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back!

Office Workouts

You could also provide in-office workouts, stretch breaks, meditation sessions, or even invest in on-site equipment.

A couple of ways you could do that include: 

An On-site Gym: While it may be an initial investment upfront, a well-designed gym with lockers and showers that are convenient for employees allows them to take a break from work at their convenience and return with increased productivity and energy.

Virtual or In-Person Classes: Another option that isn’t as costly as an in-office gym is to hire experts to come in to teach classes. Offering low-impact workouts that don’t require employees to wear gym attire for a shorter amount of time is a great way to encourage daily movement for all levels of fitness. Plus, the community aspect with co-workers creates an opportunity for social connection that boosts company morale and, ultimately, can positively impact company culture.


Can increase workplace productivity, social connection, and company morale

Convenient for employees who want to exercise but don’t want to drive to multiple places

Cost-friendly (free or cheap) with the ability to incentivize employees who participate 

Low attendance if not well-promoted or if workplace culture doesn’t encourage taking breaks to exercise on-site

Lack of interest if employees don’t have the option to provide feedback 

Here at Sworkit Health, our app is a fantastic solution for individuals and companies alike. Why? Because Sworkit Health is…

Convenient: You don’t have to go anywhere to use the app, but if you want to, you can take it with you to your preferred fitness environment.

Accessible: No matter your fitness level, there’s something for everyone. 

Equipment-free: You can use the app with or without equipment; your choice!

Safe: Learn the proper form for each movement through audio, visual, and written cues

Workouts Created by Physical Therapists and Certified Trainers: With physical therapists and certified trainers on staff to create and review movement routines, get the guidance you need to ensure proper form and injury prevention

Trainer-led: work 1:1 with a trainer to take your fitness plan to the next level without paying extra. This is a great option if you need to make sure you’re choosing the right movement plan for your body’s needs and personal fitness goals.

Virtual on your own time or live: You don’t have to wait for a live class, but if you like the live option, you can be the trainer in the app with our “live” feature. You can also take a live, virtual class led by us, just ask us how! 

No stranger to variety: whether you want to move your body at home gym or desk, in the office,  or outdoors, you can pick from quick stretch routines, cross-training sports workouts, pregnancy, and postpartum workouts, beginner to advanced workouts, pain management workouts, and routines to get kids moving or help you stay stronger as you get older — there’s literally something for everyone.

Check out how Sworkit Health and the Sworkit app can meet your needs, wherever you go.

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