Why You Will Want to Try Sworkit’s Barre Fundamentals Class

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Sworkit makes fitness simple. With Sworkit, members are able to get in shape, and more importantly, stay in shape. The daily workout app has everything from advice and guidance from personal trainers to nutrition specialists. Sworkit allows members to customize their plans as well as track their progress, and workouts can be completed at home, outside, and at the gym. You can even add dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment to boost your workout, if you’re looking for an extra push. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply focus on toning, Sworkit is here to help. Its consistent and convenient nature are how Sworkit succeeds in helping its users reach life-changing results. Don’t believe us? Check out these raving testimonials.

What is Barre? 

More recently than ever people have been exploring Barre as a form of exercise. Many people might be unsure about what Barre even is. Barre combines elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates to provide a low-impact workout that delivers high results. Dancers have been practicing these moves for ages, but the techniques challenge and work for all bodies at all levels. For these reasons, Barre workout classes are growing in popularity and demand. New to Barre? You can start with the basics in Sworkit.

What Are the Benefits of Barre? 

There are a tremendous amount of benefits to practicing Barre. Though the moves and classes may be made up of small moves, so to speak, so many muscles in the body are utilized in Barre. Strengthening the glutes is one of the biggest targets of this exercise method. One fitness instructor shared why this is so important and explained, “working on your glutes helps to strengthen all the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. This can in turn help to alleviate pressure on the back, hips and knees”. Many people have shared that Barre has helped decrease their levels of stress. Adapting a more conscious connection between the mind and the body is also an advantage that comes with participating in Barre. Increased flexibility and improved posture are two more benefits that Barre workouts can help with. The benefits that come with Barre are definitely part of the reason more and more people are trying this exercise and sticking with it.

Try Sworkit’s Barre Fundamentals Workout

Sworkit’s Barre Fundamental Workout will help you learn the basic movements of Barre while also providing a great workout. Just like all of Sworkit’s workouts, everyone has the opportunity to adjust the duration of the workout to a time and setting that works best for them. Users have the choice of selecting from one to twelve rounds of Barre. One round takes just under ten minutes, so add another round or rounds for additional Barre practice! Anyone can learn the basics of Barre while getting in a great workout. Participants can expect lots of pliés and relevés. Similarly to ballerinas using the bar, the workout can be completed with a chair to promote balance. As any dancer will also share, exercising near a mirror can be very helpful when it comes to form. Overall, the ballet-inspired workout is designed for anyone to understand the Barre basics while challenging the body. Barre offers a low impact yet effective workout, and Sworkit is here to help you try it today. Anyone who is interested in Sworkit and our awesome community can go here to find out all the necessary information and details to join.

Sworkit Wellness

Sworkit is a digital fitness app that makes it simple for you to get (and stay) in the best shape of your life. Whether you have 2 minutes or 60 minutes, Sworkit's customizable strength, cardio, stretching, yoga, and Pilates workouts are designed to fit your life. Make fitness a habit with Sworkit.
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