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6 Tips To Help You Match Your Workout With Your Fitness Goals 

Rynnie Cotter

Do you feel like you just can’t meet your fitness goals? Maybe you are trying to lose weight, but no matter how much you hit the gym, nothing happens. Or maybe you want to get ripped, and your workouts don’t seem to be, well, working out. This can be frustrating. We get it! Thankfully, Sworkit Health has the answers you need. The truth is that different kinds of workouts support different goals. In fact, some exercises might actually be working against your goal. It is important to understand which exercises achieve what outcomes. And Sworkit Health is here to help. Here is a quick rundown of what kind of workout you should choose based on your personal health goals.

Gain Flexibility and Good Posture 

Being flexible means your body can move, turn, and bend easily without being injured. Flexibility and correct posture are super important for your overall health and well-being. They affect everything, from everyday movements like going down the stairs or bending to pick something up to extreme sports and dance moves. If you need to work on your flexibility and posture, you might want to pass on the weightlifting for now and instead focus on stretch routines and flexibility training.

Lose Weight

If you feel like you need to lose a few pounds to feel your best, you are not alone. The key to losing weight is to ensure you burn more calories than you take in. So get up and get sweaty! Focus on full-body cardio exercises like jump-roping, jogging, or biking. This guided cardio workout has everything you need to reach your goal weight. And always remember, weight loss is all about feeling energized and healthy, nothing less and nothing more.

Cultivate Mind and Body

A healthy person doesn’t simply focus on how much they can lift or how much greens they eat. The health of the mind has a huge effect on the health of the body (and vice versa). When your mind and body are in sync, everything flows more smoothly. To help your mind and body reach this equilibrium, create a daily routine of mindfulness and meditations, or try this relaxing yoga flow. You will reap the rewards in no time.

Gain Muscle

Do you love a good flex and pose? Do you want to gain more muscle and definition? You’re at the right place. Muscle gain is all about working the same concentrated area again and again. And again. Try a few challenging strength-training exercises. You can gain muscle with a set of weights or by simply using your body weight. And don’t forget to eat lots of protein and vegetables!

Be Part of a Community

Social life is an important part of health and wellness. Human beings tend to do things better with others cheering them on. By becoming part of our fitness community, you immediately get your own personal cheer team and support group. You can also gift Sworkit to a friend and work out together. Start your workout journey off on the right foot by helping your body get healthy while finding a place where you belong! 

Get Your Own Personal Plan

Does all this seem a little bit overwhelming to you? Do you feel like you don’t know what you need or what your fitness goals should be? Don’t worry. We have your back. Sworkit Health provides personal health plans, so you can discover exactly what you need to become your best, healthiest, and happiest self. You have the opportunity to speak with a fitness professional who will help you understand what your body needs. Based on your conversation, your trainer can create a personalized health plan just for you. That way, you can truly know you are getting the most out of your workout. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your health goals a reality. Contact a personal trainer today with any and every question you may have. We are here to help you become the best version of you.

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