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How to Change Your Workout with an Injury? How Modifications Keep You in the Game!

Hill, PT, CSCS

As a personal trainer, I get to help people set up workout regimes and programs in order to accomplish their goals. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing clients succeed in transforming their bodies and achieve their goals.

When starting out I ask if there are any movements or exercises that my clients struggle with or are unable to perform due to injury. I get responses like, “I can’t do any leg exercises because of my knees,” or “ I never do upper body because of my shoulder…” and countless other issues and problems. 

Maybe this sounds like you? You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with chronic pain or nagging injuries that don’t seem to get resolved. Despite our modern medicine and best-evidence practices, most people will experience an injury or some sort of chronic issue in their lifetime.

I am a huge advocate for receiving medical care when necessary. Therefore I always encourage my clients to seek medical help to resolve pain and body impairments. Once cleared by medical professionals, I help people continue living their best, most active life. 

lower back pain modification exercise for workout

We as humans were designed to move. It’s part of who we are. Our bodies are resilient and adaptable. When loaded properly, our bodies can accomplish incredible things and achieve great strengths and levels of endurance.

There are so many incredible modifications that can be made for every exercise. It’s important to keep moving!

Maintaining an active lifestyle, even when injured or resolving chronic pain, can have a major impact on your mental well being, physical health, and ability to heal. Even basic, easy exercise can be highly beneficial! There’s no such thing as a wasted workout. Every workout matters.

I’m here to help you open up your eyes to the possibility of modification, rather than elimination.

Instead of telling yourself you “can’t”, say to yourself “I presently struggle with [exercise] but can still do [modified exercise].”

When looking to find modifications for exercises, seek professional help. Physical therapists, personal trainers, expert biomechanists, exercise scientists can be great aides for finding more modifications for exercises that you struggle with.

Keep moving forward. Find exercises that you can perform safely and continue to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle.

-Steve, CSCS

If you’re looking for modifications within the Sworkit, see our full exercise library for free.

Hill, PT, CSCS

Steve is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Physical Therapist, and one of Sworkit's Fitness Trainers. His favorite activities are working out, hiking, four-wheeling, and body surfing. Steve loves helping members with injury prevention, exercise modification, and strength training.
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