Why You Should Offer Your Employees a Sworkit Membership Instead of a Gym Benefit

Ryan Hanna

As a business owner or member of the senior management team, you are probably already well aware that active, engaged employees are usually happier and more productive team members. Perhaps you are considering adding a gym membership to your benefits package.

A benefits package is one of the best ways to find and retain top-performing employees. It also helps to build morale within your business. However, more and more often, a traditional gym membership doesn’t provide your employees with the flexibility and support they need. That’s where Sworkit can help! You need to offer your employees a Sworkit membership, and here’s why:

Easy to Sign Up and Use

If you sign up for a traditional gym membership, your employees will need to go to the gym and sign the necessary registration forms and paperwork. With Sworkit, you and your employees can sign up online in minutes.

Once each employee creates a profile and sets their personal goals, Sworkit offers suggestions for the best workouts for their personal needs. Your employees can select from a range of workouts from yoga to HIIT, as well as routines that require equipment to ones that don’t. 

Encourages Consistency 

The best way to get in shape is to make exercise a regular part of your routine. Sworkit is designed to encourage and promote accountability and consistency.

Sworkit will send notifications and reminders to your employees. The convenience of these workouts helps to encourage your employees to make working out a daily habit and not a chore they need to complete. 


Let’s face it! It can be a lot of work (and time-consuming) to get to the gym and workout. If your employees have young children, families, and active social lives, they simply may not have enough time to get to and from the gym during the week.

With Sworkit, all they need to do is open the app and pick from the 400+ unique workouts and over 900 exercises. The app has something for everyone from beginners to the guy in IT who participates in Iron Man competitions. The Sworkit app customizes plans based on everyone’s individual goals and fitness level and suggests workouts. 

Results and Benefits Your Employees Want

With more than 400 workouts and 900 exercises, Sworkit delivers results. Each of your employees has different goals and abilities. The beauty of the Sworkit app is that it tailor makes a workout routine to address those varied goals and skill levels. Also, you can choose between workouts that require equipment and those that don’t. 

The Ask a Trainer program makes it easy to connect with a personal fitness trainer to ask any questions you may have about your program. The entire program has been designed to set you and your employees up for success. 

User-Friendly Experience

Some apps make you work to find the information you need, but the Sworkit app features a user-friendly design to help you find the workout that meets your needs and helps you achieve your health goals. The app is available on a variety of platforms, including Apple, Android, and online, so you can use the app anywhere you roam. 

The workouts and exercises are sorted into easy-to-understand categories, such as strength, cardio, and yoga. With clear descriptions and photos, you understand the workout before selecting it. There’s also an online community to find advice and support. 

At Sworkit, we want to partner with you to give your employees benefits that they’ll use and enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!

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