How to Develop a Wellness Routine

Micki Roche

A little planning can go a long way towards ensuring you attain your health goals. If you plan to embrace a good lifestyle, developing a wellness routine will help you stay on course. A wellness routine is a daily program that fits into your schedule. It can include drinking more water, turning off devices before bed, or starting the morning without your phone.

If you don’t know where to start, read on to learn how to develop wellness routine that works for you.

Drink water throughout the Day

Drinking more water is an incredible start. It’s simple, attainable, and vital for your body’s overall well-being. When you get out of bed, drink at least a glass of water. Making this a habit can help you get closer to your hydration goals. Drinking plenty of water boosts metabolism, prevents illnesses, makes skin clearer, and energizes you. Water also helps with weight loss because it’s calorie-free and filling.

Develop a workout routine

Working out in the morning sets a healthy mood for the day, improves your decision-making skills, and attention span. All of these will improve your productivity. Schedule a workout that you will enjoy and stick to exercises that you find favorable. These can include:

  • A short walk around the neighborhood
  • Physical therapy at home
  • A trainer-led workout
  • HIIT exercises

In case you’re not a morning person, don’t fret! Schedule workouts according to a time that best suits you.  Jam-packed, busy days? Find 5-10 minutes for quick break or two and do a Sworkit workout with the time you have. Even if it’s at your desk.

Power down devices before bed

The blue light emitted by TV screens, computers, and phones can interfere with your body’s wake-sleep cycle. Make your bedroom a screen-free zone. Create a relaxing bedtime routine that ensures you get enough rest. Final hour before going to bed should comprise moderate activities that don’t include screens and devices.

Meditate in the morning

Meditation is the Holy Grail of calm and inner peace. Meditating after waking up is one of the most calming ways to start your day. The benefits of morning meditation include lowering levels of stress and anxiety, boosting focus and productivity, and boosting your mood. Meditating for at least 10 minutes in the morning makes you less anxious, and improves your overall health. 

Stretch after waking up

Stretching before getting out of bed has many benefits such as allowing increased blood flow to all parts of your body. Try Sworkit’s Mindful Morning Stretch to start your day right.

Set time aside for breakfast each morning

Set a specific time each morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Choose a balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins that will improve your immune system and keep you energized. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will have a significant impact on your health.

Get enough sleep at night

Sleep is an essential component of developing a wellness routine. Although some days may be hard, it’s advised that you sleep for at least seven to eight hours each night. Having a good night’s sleep has many benefits, such as:

  • Lowers weight gain risk
  • Better concentration and productivity
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Greater athletic performance

Sleep experts recommend that you avoid large meals and exercise a few hours before going to bed. Additionally, you should keep your room cool with a temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is not just exercise and diet!  Help yourself by making a plan and establishing a healthy routine. Moving for at least 30 minutes a day and getting enough sleep can contribute to having a better day. 

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