Post-Pandemic Workplace Wellness Changes

Victoria Davis

By now, we’re all aware that the pandemic has completely changed workplace wellness. Interestingly enough, safety and protection are now seen as aspects of wellness, which means workplace wellness has become more of a responsibility than simply a positive addition.

There are Major Perspective Shifts in Wellness 

  • Uncertainty of safety outside the home (i.e. at work) due to the pandemic.
  • The more technology used, the more people may fear there is a misuse of information.
  • Remote work blurring the lines between work and personal time, which can lead to a lack of connection, engagement, and productivity.

Current and Upcoming Demands in Workplace Wellness & How We’re Partnering with You to Solve These

  • Demand: Increased need and desire for social connectedness.
    • Sworkit Solution: Live company-wide workouts and custom challenges that can bring everyone together.
  • Demand: Requests for more personalized wellness experiences with individualized self-care options.
    • Sworkit Solution: Custom surveys to create custom challenges, webinars, and workouts that meet employees on the individual level.
  • Demand: Increased demand for mental health and chronic health support.
    •  Sworkit Solution: We advocate for movement as a mental health booster and a pathway towards managing and preventing chronic disease. 
  • Demand: Wellness offerings with convenient technology capabilities are becoming more and more popular.
    • Sworkit Solution: Sworkit meets people where they are as long as they have a compatible device. It gives users the power of convenience and personal choice.
  • Demand: Vendors that offer analytics and data are actually driving wellness engagement.
    • Sworkit Solution: This is the reason behind creating challenge leaderboards  – to encourage the adoption of daily movement and to foster healthy competition. Plus, when users log a workout or sync with other wellness apps, they can track their progress.
  • Demand: Programs are moving towards a more participation-based model (everyone who participates can earn something).
    • Sworkit Solution: Every employee gets rewarded for taking time for their health. Sworkit celebrates everyone along their journey with user milestone markers to motivate and encourage continuation.

Key Takeaway: Right now, more than ever, employees need support, safety reassurance, and flexibility with their time.

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