5 Creative Ideas for Staying Active at Home

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Staying active while at home can be tough when the couch is tempting us and the home is typically the place where we relax. Below are ways that you can creatively add activity into your day without feeling like it’s extra work.

Add some exercise to your Netflix time! 

If you’re able to focus on more than one thing at a time you can try to do a whole routine throughout your favorite binge-worthy show. If your show requires too much focus and that doesn’t work for you, try doing a 10-15 min routine between episodes – that way you aren’t mindlessly binging for multiple hours on end. If you’re using Hulu or another streaming device that has commercials, try to add in some exercise during commercial breaks (squats, plank, lunges, crunches, push-ups, etc).

Turn Watching TV into a Fitness Game!

  1. Print or draw a mustache on paper and cut it out.
  2. Stick it to a random spot on your TV
  3. As you’re watching TV, anytime the mustache lines up with someone’s mouth, do a certain number of exercises! For example, 10 push-ups or a 20-second plank or 30 jumping jacks
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Take some active rest time between work sessions

If you’re working from home during this time it’s good to schedule in rest time. Make it a point to get up, stretch, do some jumping jacks or one of Sworkit’s quiet home routines for a few minutes. This can help regain your focus and keep you on task instead of staring at the screen all day.

Check out our blog for more ideas on how to be productive while working from home.

Have a specific routine!

Finding a routine to follow is a great way to keep your day on track. Here’s a great example schedule that may work for you!

  • 8-9: Wash my face, brush my teeth, eat breakfast.
  • 9-12: Work + 3 min standing breaks every 30 mins
  • 12-1: Take a walk and eat lunch
  • 1-4: Work + 30 jumping jacks every 30 mins
  • 4-5: Sworkit workout 
  • 5-6: Dinner time
  • 6-9: Shower, self-care, relax, get ready for bed.

Whatever a day at home looks like for you is fine, but don’t try to go without a schedule or you will likely end up missing out on a lot of your day!

Get outside: in a non-crowded place!

Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay inside 24/7. Find an outdoor area that isn’t filled with other people and go there. If you have a yard that works, if you have a park close by that isn’t busy or maybe even some hiking trails. Being outside, especially when it’s sunny, can improve your mood and help to get active. Go for a walk, run or hike if the weather permits and there is an area that isn’t filled with other people!

You can even take your Sworkit routine to the back yard if you have one – a change of scenery can be nice, especially when on a self-quarantine.

Bonus: Plan a Sworkout with your neighbors!

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Find things that you can do standing up

If you have a high counter that you can do work at, try standing there for some of the day instead of sitting. If you’re reading a book, you can also use that same high countertop instead of your lap while you’re in bed – at least for 20 pages, you’ve got this! You don’t have to stand up all day, but make sure you put it into perspective how often you’re normally on your feet and try to get at least half of that time while you’re at home for a couple of weeks.  

Whatever you decide to try out, I hope that it keeps you active. Being at home isn’t easy for some of us, but during these times it is what’s best for the communities we live in and will help us flatten the curve. We hope Sworkit can help you with some of your workouts and these tips help with the rest of your days while at home. If you have any questions or good ideas for us to share please feel free to contact us through the app! Have a great day and stay healthy! 

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