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Ryan Hanna

Every new year brings a new opportunity to set goals and resolutions. And as many people know, lots of them have to do with improving health and fitness. However, this past year has been like no other. 2020 drastically changed daily routines and habits. Working remotely and social distancing guidelines and policies have kept communities safe. However, studies began showing employees’ well-being was suffering. With time, many work environments slowly but surely started to overcome the “work from home” learning curve. Many businesses began turning to companies like Sworkit to offer employees the support, guidance, and outlets they need to begin or further their wellness journeys during these especially trying and difficult times. Take a closer look at everything you need to know about Sworkit for business

How Your Employees’ Health Benefits from Using Sworkit for Business

Sworkit is a digital fitness app that helps people get in shape and, more importantly, stay in shape. Businesses that begin using Sworkit will be actively assisting employees in reaching their fitness goals. Plus, employees who practice physical fitness typically translates to employees who show up and show out at work. In other words, businesses will probably notice employees taking fewer sick days and increased levels of productivity. As Forbes has highlighted, “One of the best ways to battle fatigue is to workout. Exercise improves circulation and strengthens the heart muscle – providing an instant rush of energy.” Fitness plays a key part in maintaining a healthy sense of well-being and using Sworkit allows businesses to make this a manageable reality for their employees. 

Sworkit is User-Friendly

Sworkit’s platform is incredibly dynamic but also extremely user-friendly. Everything that Sworkit promotes and practices is backed by science, which is just part of the reason so many people have had success using Sworkit. Designing a fitness regimen, setting goals, tracking progress, and even the option to ask a professional for guidance are just a few of the features users can expect with Sworkit. It has never been easier for individuals to receive quality tailored workouts. 

With Sworkit, Employees Don’t Need Access to a Gym

When much of the world entered lockdown last March many people’s fitness habits and journeys were momentarily rocked. Over time individuals began to adjust and modify to the current conditions, and many people were surprised to realize how much they liked it. Going to the gym to work on physical fitness is no longer a safe, desirable, or viable option for many, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. TD Ameritrade reported that about 60% of Americans have zero intention of ever returning to the gym. Calvin McDonald, the CEO of Lululemon said, “What happened this year was an acceleration of what was going to happen anyway.” In many ways, working out from home seemed to be the inevitable future. Luckily, even before COVID-19, Sworkit has been helping businesses support employees’ mental and physical health.

Employees Have the Power of Choice

Variety is essential to Sworkit. From schedules to physical goals or limitations, no two people are the same. That is why employees will always have the power of choice. Sworkit offers hundreds of workouts, and you can even create and customize your own workouts. Individual preferences can be prioritized with customized workout plans. Users can decide if they would like to use equipment like weights and resistance bands or choose from bodyweight-only workouts. One of the biggest advantages of using Sworkit is being able to select the length or duration of a workout.

Sworkit’s exclusive monthly health and fitness webinars are another remarkable advantage businesses and employees can benefit from. On the second Tuesday of every month, Sworkit’s corporate wellness clients have the opportunity to explore health and fitness topics that will aid them throughout their wellness journeys. Schedule a demo to see Sworkit for Business in Action.

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