Sworkit Spotlight: Paul

Leanna Olbinsky

Paul lives no excuses. After an intense Achilles injury, Paul made sure he didn’t give up on exercising. He has made it a mission to share his story as he becomes able to play field hockey again. Proof that if you love something so much, you can achieve getting there – meet Paul.


I’m a former investment banker turned entrepreneur, with an awesome family (a great wife and two smashing boys). I’ve been a serious field hockey player in the UK for many years, having played the national level in my younger years. I continue to play at a high level in the England regional divisions.

How do you create and maintain habits?

Habits come and go like the wind. But generally, for me, it has to be time bound and goal orientated. I have to do something at the same time each day for it to form into a habit. The goal has to be something that is a negative reinforcement. That is, if I don’t do something, the consequence is X and I don’t want that to happen. With my Achilles snapping, I didn’t want to turn in to a blob so I found a way to keep weight down, calorie intake reduced but maintain good nutrients for the tendon to repair.

What do you love MOST about Sworkit?

SIMPLE! I built a simple routine of 14 exercises to do on the floor and without impact to the Achilles. I’ve since amended it to increase the number of exercises. This was simple and effective. Also, the video’s are real, not animated so you get a real sense of how the body should be working.

What are 5 things you do to be as healthy as you can?

1. Healthy Mind – healthy body. Try and keep positive, it’s not always positive so find a happy space
2. Try and be active – I have a desk job so reminding yourself to move around is key after long periods of concentration is key. 1 extra flight of stairs a day taking 2 steps at a time also helps.
3. Research things, and don’t rely on the latest fad to get you healthy. Caveman didn’t have get fit quick solutions.. he just had to be fit, so think like a caveman
4. Eat well. I’ll be honest I’m not a massive fruit eater so I tend to eat more veg. Know your gaps and plug it with an alternative
5. Water. You may leak like the Titanic, but you have to drink more water. Set yourself a target through the day.

When in doubt, what inspires you to workout?

My kids…. I don’t want them to make jokes about Daddy’s tummy.

Your favorite workout?

Anything HIIT and it has to be competitive with others.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

A hockey play called Andy Law – recovered from cancer and now runs marathons!


No excuses for Paul! Thanks for Sworking it with us and roping in all your friends to join. Follow on Twitter here. Check out his website Operation Achilles here.

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