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Sworkit Celebrates National Wellness Month in August and Beyond

Victoria Davis

Workplace wellness is a top priority of employers across all industries. The well-being of your employees has a profound influence on the efficiency and positivity within your company. A healthy workforce is more likely to be motivated, productive, and live good lives in tandem with their working hours.

August is National Wellness Month — a time for employers and employees everywhere to take the time to consider wellness in all its forms. How can you improve the wellness of your employees, promote greater wellness in the workplace, and support each individual’s wellness journey? Sworkit Health is here to help.

Why Wellness and Well-Being Are Important

Wellness and well-being contribute to a person’s overall happiness and long-term health. People benefit from simple lifestyle elements like healthy food, staying hydrated, and getting active during the day. When your team can achieve wellness, they are able to be their best selves in the workplace, as well.

Healthy employees are more likely to be cheerful, comfortable, energized, and focused. They carry these traits into the workplace, where it becomes productivity and teamwork. When wellness occurs at home, it results in more relaxing off-time and more enriching personal lives.

How Employers Can Support Wellness in the Workplace

In recent years, employers have transformed their approach to workplace culture and environment to support the immediate and long-term wellness of their employees. We know that sitting for long periods of time can be harmful, so encourage your team to get up and move regularly throughout the day. Taking walks and quick bouts of exercise are not just a good idea, they can become part of your company culture.

You can also promote healthy foods through your break room supplies and lunchtime catering choices. Encourage hydration by providing filtered water pitchers or taps and allowing personal water bottles at desks and workstations.

Create Space for Wellness in the Workplace

You create more workplace wellness by making a place for it. A quiet or meditation room can be used to help employees recover their focus in the middle of a busy day. A manicured garden can provide a peaceful yet active walking path for lunchtime wellness. A workplace gym or fitness room and shower can make it possible for employees to work up a sweat on their lunch break, promoting better circulation, clarity of thought, and the long-term fitness benefits of daily exercise.

The best wellness space design for your workplace depends on what works best for you. There are many ways to create wellness spaces, so you can explore options that align with your team’s lifestyles and the company culture.

Provide Benefits That Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Another way to support employee wellness is to provide benefits that help them stay healthy all year, both in and out of the office. Develop employee wellness programs. Offer a variety of services, subscriptions, memberships, and software that can help employees mix-and-match their chosen lifestyle with healthy choices.

Sworkit provides a great platform that promotes daily workplace wellness, virtual teamwork, and shared encouragement. You can set team-wide fitness and hydration goals that help your employees stay active while receiving virtual rewards. Guided workouts, meditation, and physical therapy sessions provide a wide range of fitness options to suit all of your employee’s wellness styles and needs.

Make National Wellness Month an All-Year Effort

Celebrating August as National Wellness Month is a great opportunity to refocus on how you can improve wellness for your workforce. But why stop there? With apps like Sworkit Health at your fingertips, you can keep your team focusing on wellness all year long. Contact us to learn more about the Sworkit business app.

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