Why Sworkit is the Most Inclusive Fitness App

Rynnie Cotter

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt out of place, or missed out on a fun fitness class because it didn’t fit with your work schedule? At Sworkit, we celebrate the fact that every person is unique and different. That’s why we’ve created hundreds of workouts to meet the many different needs and goals of every person. We have something for everyone. Whatever your age, ability level, or time constraints may be, Sworkit will meet your fitness needs.

Finding Your Fit

If you’re not sure where you’ll fit in with the Sworkit community, we have a place for you! Read on to find out how you can find workouts that fit YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle.

  • Not enough time — We’re all busy, and sometimes that makes it feel impossible to take time for ourselves. But if you have even one minute, that’s enough to get started! Set the timer to the exact time you need, and we’ll give you great options that fit your schedule. We even have quiet workouts for getting some fitness time in an upstairs apartment or while someone you care for is working or sleeping.
  • Not sure where to start — Maybe you’re brand new to fitness or just returning, and you’re not sure where to get started. We can help you create a personalized plan to meet your goals. Choose a six-week plan to get Leaner, Fitter, or Stronger at the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level.
  • Recovering from injury — If you’re recovering from an injury, we have workouts just for you. Choose from the list of common injury areas, and we’ll design a workout plan to help you stay fit, even while you’re still healing.
  • Limited or no equipment — Don’t let your equipment (or lack of it) get in the way of your workout! Try our body weight exercises, cardio, or yoga even if you have no equipment at all. Houston Methodist Hospital suggests that just using your body weight is a great way to build strength and fitness. If you have some equipment, select that, and we’ll find workouts that only use the equipment you already have. 
  • Feeling out of place — If you’ve ever felt out of place at the gym, you won’t have that problem here! Choose a workout designed especially for your age group or ability level. You can also watch videos to learn the proper form for a new move, so you’ll always look great working out! Since you can work out in the privacy of your own home, you never have to feel like you don’t belong.

Personalizing Your Routine

Since everyone is unique, your workout should be too. We’ve included multiple ways to personalize your workout, so it’s actually something you look forward to. Learn to customize your workout in many ways.

  • Choose your music — We know music can make or break a workout, so we provide a diverse set of playlists for all types of listeners. Choose the music you love and get going!
  • Custom workouts — There are so many ways to customize your workout, from focusing on a single fitness goal to itemizing the individual exercises to optimize your workout. You have complete control over your workout, from the time between intervals to the voice of your trainer!
  • Personal trainer — A certified personal trainer is always available for you to consult when you have questions. Ask them where to start, get help finding motivation, or get help with a personalized nutrition plan from our team of experts.

No matter who or where you are, Sworkit has options that include you. Whether you work out for yourself or those who depend on you, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Download the app to start reaching your fitness goals today!

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