11 Rookie Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

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We took a look at Bright Side’s “11 Rookie Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid.” While some of these are very true, like getting enough sleep, we suggest talking with your primary care provider, a nutritionist, and a trainer to get the most accurate mistakes you can make. We’re all different and while drinking sports drinks may be bad for one person, someone else may benefit.

Use your best judgment and remember that if you’re a rookie you’ve got this. Small steps make the best progress and we’re here for you.

11. Long Cardio Workouts 

Finding the balance between no cardio and too much cardio is extremely important for your health.

10. Low-Calorie Diet

Low-calorie diets contain very small amounts of fat that your body needs.

9. Not Enough Sleep

Working out without enough sleep means slower physical activity levels.

8. Sports Drinks with Electrolytes 

Sports drinks have high levels of sugar. Drink water during your workout. Smart water includes electrolytes!

7. Eating More

Eating right is important. Try to lay off the empty calories.

6. Working out on an empty stomach

Eat 2 hours before exercising! The body will digest and you won’t feel sleepy but you won’t be hungry.

5. Going to the Sauna After a Workout

This can be dangerous for your heart and blood vessels!

4. Using a Scale 

Muscles weigh more than fat. Fat you burned might have turned into muscle!

3. Not Hiring a Fitness Trainer 

Motivation and making sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

2. Not Cooling Down 

Don’t forget to stretch after a workout! It’ll reduce the pain in your muscles and help you recover quicker. Especially if you run remember to slowly cool down.

1. Daily Workouts

Your workouts should be regular but you don’t have to workout 7 days a week. If you workout every day your muscles won’t have time to recover.

Watch the full Bright Side video below and let us know your thought! Do you agree with these 11 tips?

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