Exercise Spotlight: Best Exercise for Lower and Upper Back Pain

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Want to know one of the best exercises for lower and upper back pain? Supermans will strengthen your back and help you with posture, pain, and even glute strength.

One of the best exercises for lower and upper back pain is Supermans! This exercise requires laying on the ground so we’ll say it is safe to do almost anywhere (watch out for the dog poo in the parks).

If you do it correctly, “you look like you’re flying through the air like the Man of Steel,” as stated by Elite Daily. When you are lying on the ground lift your hands and legs simultaneously and don’t forget to squeeze those glutes.

Check out how to do Supermans on our Sworkit Exercise Database.

how to Supermans

How does it help back pain? The movement allows the back to stretch and ultimately strengthen. More strength, less pain.

Ultimately this exercise is not only helping improve your back pain over time, it is also indirectly working your glutes and lastly helping to develop a strong core. The exercise might feel silly performing, but the benefits are sweet.

 Photo Credit ?: Brit + Co

Brit + Co even suggests taking this exercise to the next glute level by adding an exercise ball to this exercise!

You can find this exercise in lots of our workouts. For instance, try this beginner full body workout! Set the time for 15 minutes and feel great!

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