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The Best Way to Get Started with Sworkit’s Rep-Based Workouts

Rynnie Cotter

Getting in shape and creating a workout routine doesn’t have to be stressful. When you learn the basics behind things like rep-based workouts it can be more than rewarding. Getting in a quick workout is a great way to stay fit and relieve stress from daily activities.

Sworkit knows and understands the importance of staying healthy through workouts, and that’s why we’ve created a list of workouts you can do whether you’re just starting out or you’re simply looking for some quick workouts you can take on the go. 


Reps, short for repetition, are the number of times you complete a specific exercise. Often they’re paired with sets, which are the number of times you complete multiple reps in a row.  For example, you may do 5 sets of 10 reps when doing squats or any other exercise. This helps you efficiently target specific muscles and strengthen them. Rep-based workouts can help with things like increasing your blood flow, preventing soreness or tension in your ligaments, and more. They’re also a great way to measure your strength and progress.

When you decide to get in a routine of implementing reps into your workouts, it’s important that you determine your baseline strength to create a workout plan. This will help you figure out the number of reps you need to be doing, as well as how often you need to rest. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get that first workout in.


Before you begin working out, determine what areas of your body and which muscles you’d like to target. Specific exercises impact different sets of muscles. However, the following workouts are easy to do at home or take with you on the go. No equipment necessary. 

Squats – Loved for being an exercise that targets multiple areas, squats are one of the most popular exercises. Doing 25+ reps, depending on your baseline strength, can improve leg strength. By doing squats you’ll utilize your glutes as well as your lower back. This is also a great exercise for engaging your ankle, knee, and hip joints.

Sit-ups – Focus on your abdomen, chest, lower back, and neck when you do sit-ups. Beginners should start out with roughly 10 reps at a time to prevent overextending specific areas. If the area you’re practicing on is too hard of a surface, you can use a yoga mat to cushion your back. 

Push-ups – We’ve all heard the drill ‘drop and give me 20!’ before, but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. Push-ups come in a variety of forms, each targeting areas like your chest, triceps, shoulders, and more. Starting with the standard form push-up, try to do as many reps as possible. When your muscles begin to feel fatigued, take a rest. 


Working out can be hard to fit into your schedule sometimes, but with a fitness system that understands you and your schedule, it’s possible. Sworkit is the app-based system that provides you with at home and on the go exercises to fit your needs. You won’t feel intimidated by busy or overcrowded gyms, you’ll have motivation conveniently in the app, and you’ll join a community of others trying to reach the same health goals. 

Try it for free today to find rep-based workouts that fit your strength level. Our exercise library provides you with detailed instructions on various exercises you can try, and if you’d like a more personal touch then you can connect with one of our certified personal trainers to build a program specific to your goals. Should you have any questions or concerns you can contact us.

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