How Sworkit Can Help Improve Employee Wellness During the Pandemic

Ryan Hanna

Wellness programs are great for employees and employers. They help employees improve their wellness and can help employers save money on health insurance premiums. Effective wellness programs provide employees with various choices that allow them to engage in health and fitness activities on their own time, and according to their own unique health and medical needs. Thoughtfully-designed programs can facilitate employee camaraderie and even deepen an employee’s attachment to the company

Regular exercise can help employees prevent a multitude of mental and physical health issues that may hurt employee work performance. Such health conditions can be costly. For example, take diabetes, risk factors include poor eating habits and obesity. A recent study found that full-time workers with diabetes miss an extra 5.5 days of work on average than non-diabetic employees. Nationwide, this study estimates these absences cost employers a collective $20 billion a year.

The pandemic’s toll on employee wellness

Wellness programs can help keep employees active, healthy, engaged, and productive. And they are more critical than ever before, given the pandemic’s outsized toll on employee health and fitness:  

  • Many state and local governments have closed gyms, cancelled marathons and other similar recreational activities making it harder for people to exercise regularly.
  • School closures have forced many working parents to help guide their child’s instruction on computers at home while juggling work, reducing their time to work out.
  • Some families now find themselves housing a family member who was laid off or caring for an elder or relative with underlying conditions, again reducing their available time.

This collection of factors leads many employees to believe starting or restarting a regular exercise routine is out of reach right now. In addition, public health measures calling for social distancing have people struggling with the psychological impact of long-term isolation. Boredom, stress, and anxiety have led to rising weight gain, increased heavy drinking, and other health and wellness issues. These habits can negatively affect your employees and business. And when economic conditions are as challenging as they have been for businesses of all sizes, you can’t afford your employee productivity to drop precipitously.

Why effective wellness programs are crucial during the pandemic

Pre-pandemic, you might have pulled a struggling employee aside, explored what might be troubling them, and offered to connect them with resources to help them. But now, so many are struggling, and an effective wellness program can help you connect your employees with vital resources all at once. It’s more important than ever to provide employees with a range of health and fitness options that meet their needs.

Given the limited accessibility of gyms across the country, employees need an option that allows them the flexibility to work out from home. And given that employee work schedules and family responsibilities vary, they need adjustable options. Further, every employee’s fitness level, medical history, and health goals are different. The wellness options you pick must allow employees to develop the routines they need when they need them.

Employees also need health and fitness options that they can perform in limited space with minimal equipment. Not every employee can modify a garage into an at-home gym. Nationwide, many workers are teleworking in cramped apartments or more spacious homes but with multiple kids underfoot. When examining options, space must be a consideration.

With these elements in mind, your employees need Sworkit. Help them improve their health and fitness by including it in your wellness program.

Why Sworkit?

Sworkit is a subscription-based fitness-app that allows members to exercise using workout plans that they customize according to their fitness goals and time constraints. Using Sworkit’s extensive library of guided video workouts, employees can build everything from a 15-minute daily yoga routine to a multi-month bodybuilding regimen.

What Sworkit Has to Offer

We offer many predesigned routines, but also allow members to build their own from scratch. For beginners, Sworkit members have access to information about performing each exercise with proper form. Because not everyone has a home gym, we offer a range of bodyweight workouts that members can perform with minimal space and no equipment. Employees can even receive advice from our team of certified personal trainers to design the routine right for them. Sworkit has also worked with professional physical therapists to provide rehabilitative exercise routines for various parts of the body.

Sworkit is compatible with fitness apps like Strava and MyFitnessPal, and offers a range of small equipment workouts for those with home gyms or small workout equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands.

Members have full control over the exercise routines they design, everything from warm-up types to rest intervals and transition exercises. And to keep each workout upbeat and inspiring, members can incorporate music from Sworkit’s radio stations or their own Apple Music or Spotify playlists. Sworkit also offers a monthly fitness challenge to keep members engaged and motivated to push themselves further.

Because starting and sticking to a routine can be difficult, Sworkit has even built in a set of reminders that members can use to keep them on track (and nudge them back on track if they fall off).  They also understand childcare needs can impede parents from regular exercise. That’s why Sworkit provides kid-friendly exercise content, too. Your remote employees whose children are engaged in virtual learning can workout alongside them before or after school and work.

How Can I Get Started?

Sworkit already works with leading companies to help them deliver fitness solutions to their employees. We want to work with you to provide your employees with the fitness resources they need today. Contact us now for a demo of Sworkit for Business. Let us answer any questions you have and help you support your employees on their fitness journey today.

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