exercise spotlight

Jumping Jacks group fitness

Jumping jacks are a fun plyometric exercise, suitable for all fitness levels. Plyometrics combine aerobic exercise and resistance work, which works your heart, lungs, and muscles at the same time. Plyometric exercises like jumping jacks are primarily utilized to help people run faster and jump higher. What makes jumping jacks so efficient is that they Read more…

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inch worm plank

As you exercise, you always want to make sure there’s some benefit to it. Whether it be toning up your body and building strength, losing weight, or simply having fun – you want to feel and see the difference with each exercise. At Sworkit we aim to highlight specific workouts that are enjoyable while helping Read more…

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push-ups at gym

Push-ups are a great calisthenics exercise for everyone, from beginners to lifelong fitness enthusiasts. What makes the push-up so great is that it’s one of the simplest, yet most beneficial exercises for both strength and muscle gain. Not only does the push-up help build strength and muscle, but it proves to be a very versatile Read more…

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