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Fitness for Real People: Sworkit App Perfect for Busy Lives

Ryan Hanna

If you have the time and the money to spend hours at the gym, that’s great. But most of us are entrenched in real lives, with hectic schedules, limited budgets, and competing priorities. We need fitness for real people. Here’s where Sworkit comes in…

Sworkit is the workout app that meets you where you are: on your time, at your fitness level, meeting your specific goals. With thousands of exercises and workouts, the app lets you mix and merge them to create your own custom fitness plan, from beginner to advanced.

And you don’t even need to know what you’re doing, because you’ll start with a profile to define your goal, your age, and your fitness level. Then, you’ll get suggested workouts tailored to your needs. You can even access certified trainers to ask questions or get help to build the best fitness plan for you.

Sworkit Is Truly the Fitness App for Real People

When you access the program, you’ll name your fitness goal (and can change it as your focus changes). There are workout plans for every need, including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased flexibility or strength
  • Better sports performance, allowing you to name your sport
  • Consistent daily workout
  • Injury recovery
  • Pre- and post-natal workouts
  • Older adults

And if none of these fit, you can chat with a certified trainer who will help you identify exercises and workouts to meet your specific needs.

The workout app hits many of the keys that experts recommend for building a strong fitness habit. Following are steps to workout success, and how Sworkit helps you meet them.

Build Consistency First

Experts say that the key to success in starting any new habit is to start small. Personal trainer Stephanie Mansour recommends her clients start with 5-minute daily workouts. Build a habit by committing to an easy routine, and then add to it gradually.

With Sworkit, you can set your workout time for as little as 5 minutes, or for as much time as you have. Also, you can access it on your phone, tablet, or whatever device you have handy. So you’ll be able to squeeze that workout in no matter what.

Set a Workout Goal that Focuses on Action, Not Results

You may want to lose 15 pounds, but the problem with setting that as your goal is that you’ll have to put in a lot of work before you achieve it. And when you do, you might quit the habits that got you there.

Instead, your goal could be to work out for at least 15 minutes every day for a month. This way, you are achieving your goal every day. And each day that you achieve it makes you more likely to continue the habit the next day. And although you’re only committing to 15 minutes, once you get going you may find yourself doing more. At the end of the month, you are likely to set a more challenging goal for the next 30 days. And once you’re working out consistently, your weight will drop. It’s a healthy snowball effect.

A fun way to build consistency is to start a streak. Track the number of days in a row you’ve completed your goal and get inspired as you watch that number grow. You will not want to miss a day! Sworkit helps you get and stay motivated by allowing you to set reminders, track your results, and join challenges.

Make Exercise Easy

Planning ahead will take choice out of the way. Arnold Schwarzenegger credits his years of consistent workouts to having an ingrained routine. He starts his morning the same way every day, so he never thinks about it–he just does it.

Set out your workout clothes the night before. Log into your daily calendar when you will complete your workout. Or tie it to a habit you know you will do, such as doing 5 minutes of exercise after you brush your teeth, and another 5 minutes before you drink your morning coffee.

As Schwarzenegger says, “Motivation is important, but routine is what builds consistency.”

Instead of making exercise a daily decision, with big effort and time commitment, make it simple by rolling it into your established routine. No time for that 60-minute workout video? No problem, tuck your workouts in whenever you have time.

Sworkit lets you access short or long exercise sessions, whenever you’re ready. It’s easy to access at home or on the go.

Whether you’re an exercise newbie or an old hat looking for some new challenges, no worries. Audio explanation of the exercises, as well as video, make it simple to follow along.

Identify Why You Really Want to Get Fit

As with any big goal, you’ll be more motivated if you focus on why it matters. Sure, you might be thinking you’d like to drop 10 pounds or build some muscle. But your why is probably bigger than that. Often it focuses on other people. Like being able to run around with your grandkids. Or encouraging your spouse who is trying to be healthier, too. Or being a good example for your kids. Keeping these bigger life goals in mind will help you stay motivated to make a lifestyle change instead of a short-term fix.

Need more information? Check out our user guide! We’d love to get you started or help you rev up your fitness journey.

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